Assessment 1, Stage 4; Case Study Development Design

This case study has been a culmination of the ideas that we have explored over the past twelve weeks. I have tried my best effort to encapsulate a professional looking document that includes all of the concepts that I believe are most important for conveying design related information in the most efficient and user-friendly way. Primarily this has been through a strong disposition towards simplicity. Lidwell et al (2010, p. 170) states that when presented with two functionally equivalent designs, “the simplest design should be selected”. This has been considered in my document and should make for an easy vehicle to convey the information needed for assessment three.

The design direction I have chosen is inspired from modernist graphic design and as such I think it balances the line between performance and preference (Lidwell et al 2010, p. 178) quite well. It is aesthetically clean, but reliant on principles that are now almost traditional.



In contrast, Publicis Groupe are a French-based advertising and PR company with many international ventures. However they’re web design (pictured above) generally looks outdated and quite hard to read. It might not have been updated for some time due to reluctance from the public/client for change.


Design CS - Short Booklet_Artefact TitleDesign CS - Short Booklet_Artefact Opening PgDesign CS - Short Booklet_Artefact Contents PgDesign CS - Short Booklet_Artefact Information 1Design CS - Short Booklet_Artefact Objectives Pg


The design is intended to be printed onto thick, high-gloss paper and folded into a booklet. I have created a mock-up of what the title page looks like on screen.


Design CS - Short Booklet_Artefact Title Print



Publicis Groupe n.d, Home Page, Publicis Groupe, viewed 29 January 2016,


Lidwell, W, Holden, K & Butler, J 2010, Universal Principles of Design, Revised and Updated : 125 Ways to Enhance Usability, Influence Perception, Increase Appeal, Make Better Design Decisions, Rockport Publishers, Massachusetts USA.


2 thoughts on “Assessment 1, Stage 4; Case Study Development Design

  1. Your design is looking excellent Michael, well done! Your discussion of both your own design and chosen example are also very honest and succinct. As for refinement for the final stage, I would suggest that the final page you have included in your post with ‘2016’ in big letters is not as successful as the others you have included. I think this may be to do with the size of the text (much bigger) and the comparative lack of colour (red), structure and margins. Some development on this will leave you with a highly successful document! I also really appreciate the detail you have described in the intended production of the final product. It really helps to full-fill the life of the artefact across the virtual space. Cheers, Carla

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