Assessment 2, Task 6; Design for nature



Dawn in the Yarra Valley, Victoria exhibits some of the most natural beauty in Australia. There can be no doubt that a lot of our ‘pristine’ nature has now been ravaged by humans. I couldn’t get any closer to the valley here due to a fence. Humans have barricaded nature and made it almost unattainable. I made sure the fence wasn’t in this picture but this distorts the perceptions of what our world really is now. This idyllic, unmolested valley can only exist within a photo. Being there in it’s actual state was slightly more disappointing as you couldn’t ignore the fencing like you can in this picture. Being in this area several hundred years ago would have created a sense of unimpeded freedom, to be totally immersed in nature, not restricted by human conditioning.




It is a common debate as to whether we consider curated gardens true symbols of a preserved world. Is ‘real’ nature what it would be like if humans were not around? Examples of this are very difficult to find. Or is it a place that has natural elements such as trees and lakes even if they are somewhat artificially constructed? The rejection of the view that a”place must be completely ‘pristine’ to count as nature” (Marris, E, 2011, p13)  means that one can indulge in the simplicity of nature that is being regularly updated to what society considers serene and natural. The Sugarloaf Reservoir Park is curated though peaceful. In Winter, it is vibrant, crisp, and easy to enjoy a picnic next to the lake.



Marris, E. (2011). Weeding the Jungle. Rambunctious Garden: Saving nature in a post-wild world. New York: Bloomsbury.

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One thought on “Assessment 2, Task 6; Design for nature

  1. Analytical thinking: Excellent
    Writing effective captions: Excellent
    Clear well-edited English expression: Excellent
    Accurate spelling: Excellent


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