Assessment 1, Task 5; Letter Arguing for Funds

To all those concerned,

I am writing on behalf of Kickstarter Inc. in order to detail a project that is currently looking to be implemented in third-world and under-developed countries. Developed by designer Martin Fisher, our vision is to create preparatory kits that look after the basics of human integrity through sanitation and privacy. Our patented Domed Pit Latrine Kits are designed to be as practical and cost-effective as possible, so as to be easily constructed by the labourers of the area.

You have the opportunity to create a difference for the less-privileged. The purpose of our correspondence aims to extend an offer of affiliation with Kickstart, from here there are several ways you have the ability to become an entity in this venture; either through a donation, or the outline of terms for a potential investment in our goals. The funds will go towards the materials needed for construction, which are primarily derived of concrete, bamboo and bricks, furthermore we intend to run a program in the hope of instilling the knowledge of pit construction and ongoing support for those in the area.

I have attached a number of pamphlets which go into greater detail of the product and it’s benefits. An example of which will help to keep insects away and therefore reduce the spread of bacteria and diseases. It is common practice to install these and they are relatively simple kits, using a lot of the natural terrain as it’s foundation, meaning a small donation for our neighbours will help to increase their standard of living significantly.  The program is already popular through our Kickstart campaign and it is only a matter of time before these kits will be deployed around the world to help those less fortunate. If interested, we can discuss financial options that suit your needs and give the community a chance to flourish. We hope to hear back from you shortly.

Kindest regards

Michael Czermak



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