Assessment 1, Task 4; Compiling a Reference List


Ezra E, (2000). Georges Melies. Manchester & New York: Manchester University Press.

Hammond P, (1974). Marvellous Melies, London: Gordon Fraser

Rubin M, (1993). Showstoppers: Busby Berkeley and the Tradition of the Spectacle, New York: Columbia University Press


Journals and Online Articles

Mottram J, (2006). No more the dreamer ; French director Michel Gondry’s new films should see him moving away from his journeyman’ tag.

N.A. Blessed are the Forgetful: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Retrieved from.



Curry I, (2009). Georges Méliès: A Magician at Work.

Retrived From.

Dellamorte A, (2007). Exclusive Interview – Michel Gondry.

Retrieved From.

Goldsmith L (2004). The Word of Director Michel Gondry. 

Retrieved From.

Webster M, (2008). Marvellous Melies.

Retrieved From.

Yuan J, (2013). Michel Gondry on The We and the I, Bronx Kids, and Mood Indigo.

Retrieved From.


Audio Visual Media

Bromberg S, & Lange E. (Directors) (2011) The Extraordinary Voyage, France: France 3, Lobster

Gondry M, et al (Wriers.Directirs) (2003). The Word of Director Michel Gondry [Documentary]

New York, USA: Palm Pictures

Partizan Official. (2014). I’ve Been 12 Forever (Side B) – short film – Michel Gondry (2004).

Retrieved From.

tap2323. (2010). Busby Berkeley (Director). Retrieved from

Scorsese M (Director), (2011). Hugo. [Motion Picture]. Hollywood, Ca: Paramount Pictures

silentfilmhouse. (2011). The Haunted Castle 1896 George Melies silent film.

Retrieved from






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