Assessment 2, Task 3; Comparing Tricks and Effects

The variety of work that Michel Gondry undertakes gives him a broad spectrum of ideas that often range from a glimpse of visual oddity in his music collaboration work, to full on sensory-overloads in his feature films. Patrick Mullen claims Mood Indigo, one of the more recent films by Gondry, to be a “serious case of.. zany surrealism” (Mullen P, 2013)

Mood Indigo still seems to draw from the genius of early directors such as Georges Melies and Busby Berkeley, with interesting visual patterns and refreshingly basic special effects dressed up in the quirk of the world Gondry has created.




Here seems an ode to the long gone era of the excessive 20’s as Gondry has recreated a the geometric pattern’s in sculpture and human repetition that Berkeley made famous.






The surreal, dream-like worlds that typify Gondry allow him to explore with other crude techniques inspired by Melies, all while adding to the worlds that he creates. It can be seen that Meleis haunted house uses a simple string to puppeteer a bat around the set. Gondry takes this idea and creates a peculiar cloud contraption that seems to be lifted by a crane. In a satirical manner, Gondry also uses the same effect to lift Audrey Tatou and Romain Duris while they are walking underwater.





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  1. Task 3

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