Assessment 1, Task 2; Design Activism

As a community recognizes the problems inherent with a capitalist society, there are many ways to tackle issues such as sky-rocketing unemployment rates and the ever vicious cycle of homelessness. The Advance to Zero (Inkahoots, (n.d) campaign brings attention to these problems, and as explained during Defining Design and Activism (Thorpe, pg 6, 2011), it aims to keep track of the challenges with mass housing while fighting for the rights of those without an “institutionalized power” (Thorpe, 2011). While not a conventional method of achieving these goals, creating a visual personality that can be spread throughout the city with posters acknowledging the strategies that are being implemented over four years. While not strictly stated, it implies the actions involved will develop “data-driven solutions” (Inkahoots, n.d) that raise awareness of homelessness as part of a “broader movement” to society.






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One thought on “Assessment 1, Task 2; Design Activism

  1. Hello again Michael,
    I enjoyed reading this. Overall, I like how you demonstrated your understanding of how the Advance to Zero campaign brings attention to mass housing problems and how it relates back to the prescribed reading. Just a few small things – I think you can drop words like ‘ever’ in vicious cycle of homelessness and as explained ‘in’ not ‘during’ Defining Design and Activism.
    Many thanks,


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